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The Orphan Killer

The-Orphan-Killer-2011THE ORPHAN KILLER

Directed by : Matt Farnsworth
Starring Diane Foster, David Backus.
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HORROR Anthologies are back ?

Well it looks that Horror Anthology films are coming back ! I’m really happy because I LOVE it ! Well, when I think about it, I was create because Stories of a Gravedigger ! So, here’s come good Anthology trailers I saw lately.

I’m really mad that I was too busy to go to Fantasia this week-end to see this one. EVERYONE says that it’s a really really cool flick !

SLICE OF LIFE also look really good. It looks like Anthony G. Summer did a really good job with this one. Can’t wait to see it !

TRICK’R TREAT was amazing. I want to say thanks to this film who bring the Horror Anthology to life…or dead…whatever.

In 2008, a really sick anthology got is premiere at the Fantasia Film Festival. 4BIA


And I can’t leave you without showing you the film STORIES OF A GRAVEDIGGER. It was made in 2003. It was DiggerFilms first film. It was why I was create !

DiggerFilms on BlackFlag.Tv !

A week ago, Black Flag Pictures launch one of the first  Independent horror TV on the Web.


Black Flag TV is THE place for you to watch truly amazing, passion-driven indie movies! We are broadcasting 24/7 (or almost), free of charge, movies that you are not likely to find at your local video store or thru mainstream download channels… LINK

DiggerFilms on BlackFlag.Tv !

This month, it’s possible for everyone to watch some DiggerFilms work on Black Flag TV. You can check out the schedule right here. Look for some DiggerFilms titles : Dead Pussy, The Closet, The Dinner, Jeremiah, Le Hit and Liberté Mortelle. Hopefully, in a near future, it will be possible to watch all those film in one Block.

Teaser, trailers and other bodies.

For the thrid week in a row, here’s some teaser or trailer I did found over the web this past week.

I really dig Dead Genesis!





Under the Scares @ the Fangoria Film Fest.

DiggerFilms is proud to announced that Under the Scares have just been added to the Fangoria Film Festival that will happen during Days of the Dead in Indianapolis from July 1st to the 3rd. Movie is schedule to be screened at midnight on Friday July 1st.


For more information about Days of the Dead and The Fangoria Film Fest visit the Official website, Facebook or Twitter.

Teaser, trailer and others dead bodies !

Teasers and trailer I saw this week oever the web….

MONSTER BRAWL (Think this one is already a classic)

RAGE HITCH TRAILER (May I see more ????)

SUMMER CAMP MASSACRE (Funny indie flick)

DEADLY XMAS (The seque l of the other one)

AIRBORNE (The song of inception…. REALLY ???)


Screening update for Dead Pussy and Mask of James Henry

After been screened at Saturday Nightmare last week-end, we just learn that Dead Pussy and Mask of James Henry will get screenings at the Macaron & Popcorn Film Festival in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Screen shot 2011-06-01 at 1.00.08 PMThe screenings will take place in the MainLine Theatre on Wednesday July 6th.

For more informations, visit

Some inde teasers, trailer and short films !

Hey everyone,

225271_146576925411827_125372234198963_265322_7135289_nHere’s some teaser and trailers of inde horror flicks I found over the web tis week.

and short films….

Perry St from Antonio Padovan on Vimeo.

DiggerFilms @ Saturday Nightmares

Next week-end, Saturday Nightmares return to East Rutherford, New Jersey. It’s with great pleasure that we announce that The DiggerFilms Team will be attending the event. They will not only attended the event, but will also promote their new Web Series. Feel free to come and see them at their table.

Screen shot 2011-05-28 at 3.14.45 PM

DiggerFilms fun announcement !

172311_10150123971738213_98038308212_6481726_2997378_oA couple of months ago, we decide to participate to a contest launch by The goal of the contest was to make a sort horror slasher flick. The only rule was to include this mask in it.

Well, we took 2 nights of our time and shot The Mask of James Henry. Since then, we won the second place and got over 15 500 views on youtube.

It’s really hard for an inde short horror flick to get as many views as we get and we are really happy about it.

So, because everything starts with this mask, we decide that this mask will appear in our future films project. It will be hidden somewhere and the first person to send and email to with the subject: (TITLE of the film) – saw mask , will receive a little something.

Hope this will be fun.