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Last February, I was with the rest of the DiggerFilms team at the Fangoria’s Week-end of Horror in Chicago. Like every time we went to a Fango show, we had a blast with everyone there. I always love to walk in the vendors area to find some new filmmakers. I remember walking and stopping in front of a table. The filmmakers behind it show me some clip and productions still of the film and my reaction was really good about it.

12448_161297989074_51723239074_2693764_1104716_nGuess what ? I was on Facebook yesterday and I saw the Sweatshop page.

Charlie (Ashley Kay) was hoping tonight’s rave would be the biggest and baddest she’d ever thrown, but after breaking into a warehouse that houses a bloodthirsty beast, she and her friends will be lucky to last until the party starts.”

Sweatshop is produced by Odyssee Pictures & Starving Kappa Pictures. Starving Kappa Pictures is the same company who brought us movies like 100 tears, Fearmakers and Barricade.

Trailer looks really really good. You should all check it out .

Visit the Facebook Page.

Visit the Official Sweatshop official Website.

Sweatshop Teaser from Stacy Davidson on Vimeo.

Bikini Girls on Ice

Have you ever dream about girls that are so hot that they have to be put on ice ?

BGOIWell if you have the chance get in front a festival screen and see the movie Bikini Girls on Ice, you will understand what I mean. Directed by Geoff Klein,  BGOI already hit 15 film festivals in the last 3 months. I personally receive the movie last May from the director but I also did get the chance to see the film at the SPASM film Festival last Halloween.  I don’t know where the movie will be playing soon but am pretty sure it will be pick-up on DVD and release really soon.

For more news, check out the Bikini Girls on Ice website.

The Good Sisters final artwork.

It’s been a couple of years since Jimmy O Burril last film Chainsaw Sally. CS was shoot in 2004 and since then, a lot of people in the inde horror world are still waiting for is next film.

11136_1261905117264_1518788350_30735315_2505890_nA year ago, Burril and is company Forbiden Pictures, release a teaser of a future film called The Good Sister.

Earlier this week, the final artwork of the movie was also release.

The movie is featuring Debbie Rochon and Monique April Burril.

Breanne Good (Debbie Rochon, TROMEO AND JULIET) and Kindra Good (April Monique Burril, CHAINSAW SALLY) are sisters with a secret life — practioners of witchcraft, glamours, and black magick. Fiercely protective of their privacy, craft, and ancient bloodline, they become suspicious of their new neighbor Daniel (David Calhoun, CHAINSAW SALLY) who also leads a life shrouded in mystery. Unsure if he is unnaturally obsessed with them – or if they are only being paranoid — the Good Sisters will have to draw all their power about them as it becomes clear their ages-old battle of good versus evil, light versus dark, freedom versus oppression may be about to begin again. Which leaves the question … who is being Good, and who is not?

The Good Sisters will begin running on Video on Demand on Monday, February 1 (Time Warner Cable, Comcast, DirectTv, Dish Network and others) and the DVD street date will be Tuesday, February 2.

Visit The Good Sisters website

Visite the Good Sister MySpace

Slice The-movie

In 2003, when DiggerFilms decided to produced Stories of a Gravedigger, a lot of people told the Team that anthology are not good business anymore. Well we did it and we never regret it because this movie brought us where we are now.

So every time I see a new anthology coming out, I fell that I need to do something to promote it.

SLICES is a Anthology horror movie in the vein of such films as THE TWILIGHT ZONE or the CREEPSHOW series—five different stories, five different styles with a wrap around that ties all of them together.

The Exterminator, is very much in the style of SAW or HOSTEL. It centers on a big business CEO who gets kidnapped and tortured by one of his own henchmen.
The Range, is a period piece set in 1880’s Old West. It features three Confederate soldiers on the run who come face to face with flesheating zombies.
Turnout, is about a young couple and their friend who are hiking in the mountains when they start getting killed off by a madman.
Night Scream, is the tale of a bloodthirsty female vampire who stumbles upon a house full of unsuspecting college kids.
Dead Letters, is a yarn about a book author who still carries a torch for his dead wife, and discovers a way to reanimate her when he receives a mysterious package in the mail.
The cast includes Trent (GIMME SKELTER) Haaga, Chuck (BUBBA HO-TEP) Williams, David C. (MACHINED) Hayes and Death Metal Hall of Famer Matt Olivo of Repulsion; the makeup FX were created by Rich Knight (The Omen, X-Men: The Last Stand) and Larry S. Carr (Friday the 13th) and Al Cortez

Vito Trabucco (The Exterminator)
Steven Richards (Dead Letters)
Neil McCurry (Night Scream)
Lance Polland (The Range)
Lenny Lenox (Turnout)
Vito Trabucco & Matt Olivo (Wraparound Segment)

Visit the Slices Website

SV Bell’s Lifetaker teaser is now online

A couple of weeks ago, I was suppose to go help Sv Bell on the set of the teaser of Lifetaker, his future feature length, but I couldn’t make it. Now I’m just back from Washington and I’m really happy to see the teaser already Online.

Screen shot 2009-11-23 at 1.50.16 AM FBI agents Megan Ressler and Patrick Conelly
are after a serial killer that stalks women in the city.
Besides being females, all the victims have one thing in common,
and this one thing will take the two federal agents
for a terrifying journey into the killer’s shocking fantasies.

Principal photography is schedule to begin May 2010 and the expected delivery date is December 2010.

Visite the Lifetaker Website.

Zona Con Anime Horror Show 2009

Florida’s only  Spooky Horror Anime Show so bring your Nightmares and Zombies  Where Anime Meets Horror. The Zona Con Anime Horror Show start today and will end on Sunday.

You can have some information on their facebook page.or directly on the convention website.

I never went to the show so I don’t know how it is but if you in Orlando, go check it out by yourself.

The Gruesome Death of Tommy Pistol Teaser Trailer

A friend of us, Sean Cain, posted yesterday on his facebook page that is friend Aramis Sartorio just released a trailer for his upcoming film called : The Gruesome Death of Tommy Pistol.

pistol_zoltronA guy down on his luck falls asleep one night while pleasuring himself with a penis pump and has three horrid dreams, but none of them can compare to the actual nightmare he faces once he wakes up.”

Sartorio first feature flick seems to be a really funny one.  He’s playing the Tommy Pistol caracter and he seems to deliver really good. I unfortunately didn’t see is other film Attack of the Staph Spider. Just can’t wait to see the flick !

Under the Scars Update and new teaser featuring Debbie Rochon

Many people were asking themselves if our title Under the Scars had a spelling mistake and was actually Under the Scares. Well the answer is no. The title of the documentary was really Under the Scars. But after a friend of us send me an email about it, we decide, well I, and I meaning, The Gravedigger, decided that Under the Scares was a better title of our documentary.

Screen shot 2009-11-18 at 11.18.31 AMUnder the Scares is a documentary that we are doing on the independent horror business. We went to New York, Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Los Angeles, Chicago, Toronto, Montreal to film people such as Lloyd Kaufman, Robert Kurtzman, Tony Timpone, Rodrigo Gudino, Debbie Rochon, Courtney Solomon, Herschel Gordon Lewis, Gary Jones, Brinke Stevens, Maurice Devereaux, Sv Bell and many more.

You can now watch the 5th teaser of Under the Scares featuring of really good friend of DiggerFilms : Scream Queen Debbie Rochon

* Title of Under the Scars will be change to Under the Scares in the next teaser. For now enjoy the latest one.

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I Just watch the trailer of a movie called ThanksKilling and I told myself…. WTF is that !

“ThanksKilling is about a foul-mouthed homicidal turkey axing off college kids during Thanksgiving break. It is an independent horror film that was made for under $3,500 in 11 days. It later got a small investment to help complete the marketing and distribution of the film. It’s campy, twisted, and down right hilarious.”

“More than just a film, ThanksKilling is an experience. It started with two guys setting out to see how much they could do, with so little. Casting was done in a garage, the turkey puppet fell apart by the end of the film, and distribution came and went many times. The film was shot in 2007 when creators Kevin Stewart and Jordan Downey were still in college, and it took another two years to finish.”

So you should all do what I did and check out the trailer. I laugh at a couple of place. The trailer remind me of Lloyd Kaufman’s Poultergiest.

You can become friend with the movie on Facebook or visit the ThanksKilling website.

Hyenas movie trailer

I receive direct message on DiggerFilms Twitter from a profil called hyenasmovie : Hey, could you check our movie trailer, maybe let us know what you think? Thanks :)

hyneasSo I told myself why not. I might find a future inde blockbuster !

Well the Un-official trailer that we can find on Youtube is not so bad. The big problem with it is the sound transition.  It look like they took a merge version of the movie with the music and sound. they cut a trailer with that and they add another music on it after. Also at 0:58 you can hear a : Yeah,  been cut in half.

Overall the movie seem decent but I don’t understand why filmmakers are always putting out a rough trailer of their film. Trailer, or teaser are there to help you promote your film so you should always put a lot of effort into it so fans will not have a bad opinion of your flick before it come out.

Visit the movie website.