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Rue Morgue FoF Day 0

So the Rue Morgue Festival of Fear will officially start at 4pm today ! We can’t wait !!! We arrive yesterday here, in toronto, Canada, at 4pm. It took us a little bit longer then usual because we made some horrible decision on our way up here.

We stop to have lunch (Arbys for me….damn I love Arbys !! We don’t have it in Montreal) at 12 and I did realize that I forgot to bring a belt ! So after lunch, we had to stop so I can buy myself one. 32 $ later, we hit the road back. Maybe, I’ll say, 35 minute after, my partner,  Hugo Bissonnet realize that he also forgot something………underwear ! Ok I can understand that someone, somewhere ,can, once, forgot is belt…but underwear ?!?! Anyway we had to stop, at super Winners, for that a couple of miles after. 15 minutes after, back o the road, a new things “pop” in our face. We were about to ran out of gas ! So we stop, for the third time to fill the car !I got up out of the car and walk to the inside of the convenience  store to get some money and water. Two minutes after, Hugo came in and went for the cashier. We left the gas station and a weird noise. “Hugo, did you close the cap?” and he’s like……”Well first of all I didn’t close the cap, but the worst…I didn’t put any gas in the car !!! ”   Oh wow, I think I never see this in my life, Hugo just reach the How to be stupid 101 group !  lol

45004_470228950147_718940147_7141723_7373024_nSo after all this, we had to hit some traffic and we finally get to the hotel at 4pm. We walk around to see the terrific pool on the roof and went for our first 2010 rue morgue beer ! Later on, Ed Douglas, from Midnight Syndicate Music join us for a couple of beer. It was the first time we actually see him since the premiere of is film The Dead Matter, October 2009. We had a lot to talk. So he went back to is hotel room with a screener copy of Under the Scares. Wondering how he will find himself in the movie !

It was time to go to sleep, I did woke up at 6 in the morning.It was about 11pm and I do know

that the sleep hours will not be enough in the next couple of days. So I think I sleep for about 25 minutes when, suddenly, 3 intruders enter in the room. I was really wondering who was entering in our room but I totally forgot that Kevin Shane Michaels was suppose to crash in our rom too (yep, trying to save money like every inde filmmakers). So he came in with Shock-O-Rama Paige K. Davis and Scream Queen Erin Brown (Myste Mundae). They stay there for about, 20 minute I’ll say and I’m pretty sure that it was written in my face : I want to sleep can you get the f*ck out . lol  So after they left, we went back to sleep. I really have to catch with them today and pay them a beer so they will excuse me).

So that’s about it, it’s 8h46, we are Friday morning and the Rue Morgue Festival of Fear will officially start at 4pm today ! We can’t wait ……..

Talk to you tomorrow folks !

On our way to the Rue Morgue Festival of Fear….

It’s now time for this time of the year. The time when over 50 000 people are leaving their houses to go to Toronto, Canada to attempt the Fan Expo. For the 5th year in a row, we, the DiggerFilms Team, will be there for the week-end.

Capture d’écran 2010-08-26 à 11.16.50 AMSo I hope you will follow us on Facebook , MySpace or Twitter all week-end long….

To know more about the Rue Morgue Show, check out the post I did about it a week ago..

Rue Morgue Festival of Fear 2010

Under the Scares at Horror Realm.

After a premiere at the Tribeca Cinemas, a screening at the Fantasia and the CineSol film festival, Under the Scares is now schedule to be screened at the Horror Realm Convention in Pittsburgh. The convention will take place at the Crowne Plaza from Friday September 17th to Sunday the 19th 2010.

UTS-PromoCard1Frank Henenlotter, Debbie Rochon, Mike Watt and Amy Lynn Best, 4 members of the cast, will all be at the show. I also notice that on Ed Douglas might be at the show because is film, The Dead Matter will also be screened on Saturday night.

Horror Realm put out a really cool film Schedule this year. Frank Henenlotter’s Bad Biology, Frankenhooker & Basket Case are be showed. You will also have the chance to see Slime City Massacre and Demon demon divas and the lanes of damnation.

You can see the official line-up directly on the Horror Realm website or right here on this Facebook Topic.

Screen shot 2010-08-25 at 6.57.41 AM


It’s always cool to find out some new inde company. Today I found a new one. Legion Films !

Screen shot 2010-08-23 at 9.54.19 PM

Last February  I did talk about the movie premiere of The Severed Inn.I’M wondering how it went ?

Screen shot 2010-08-23 at 9.54.03 PMAnyway Legion Film seems to be run by Aaron Thomas….  Aaron Thomas Vnuk was born in Allentown, Pennsylvania in 1974. He was raised amidst a mountainous landscape torn by the great North Eastern Pennsylvania Coal Mining Industry, which at the time was one of the largest coal producing areas in the United States. He moved to Connecticut in the mid 1980’s with his mother; Edna, his father; Jerry, brother; Adam and sister; Amber while the rest of his family and relatives remained in Nanticoke, Pennsylvania. Aaron graduated from Conard High School located in West Hartford, Connecticut in 1993 and went on to earn a Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science and a Master’s Degree in School Counseling from Central Connecticut State University…. To know more about them check out this page.


Buffalo Scream Horror Film Festival

If you are near Buffalo, NY from October 21st to the 24th and you have plans, you might want to change your plans and go to the Buffalo Scream Horror Film Festival.

Screen shot 2010-08-22 at 12.15.47 PM

On June 23rd, Gregory Lamberson and Emil J. Novak send a press release.

Screen shot 2010-08-23 at 7.02.25 AMBuffalo, New York – Two independent filmmakers, Emil J. Novak and Gregory Lamberson, are organizing a new horror film festival, Buffalo Screams, which will run for four days at The Screening Room in Amherst, New York, a suburb of Buffalo, from Wednesday, October 21st – Sunday, October 24th. They are calling for entries and seeking sponsors through their website, (For the complete press release click HERE)

Now, BUFFALO SCREAMS is expanding it programming and submissions to include “More Than Horror” – genre films that don’t quite fit the horror paradigm but appeal to the same audience: over the top action, violent crime drama, superhero cinema, gory grindhouse, intense science fiction, and cross-genre films. Submission fees will be the same as for other categories – $15.00 for trailers, $25.00 for shorts, and $40.00 for features and feature length screenplays. If you wonder whether or not your film qualifies for this unusual category, please contact us. Actual award name will be tailored to the appropriate genre when presented.

I think this new festival will become a great one ! You should all send your inde film to it. As for now, it will be possible to see the awesome documentary made by Frank Henenlotter Herschell Gordon Lewis : The godfather of Gore

To know more about the festival check out the official WEBSITE and  FACEBOOK page.

RETRO FRIDAY : Sinners And Saints

Back in 2004, Robomonkey Productions release a action / horror and Si-Fi movie called Sinner and Saint. I remember been at the Rue-Morgue Festival of fear. We were vendors at that time. The DiggerFilms table was loaded with Stories of a Gravedigger DVDs. The convention open at 4pm and the table next 2 us was empty….until Melantha Blackthorne shows up. She, and her partner Jason Cavalier, were selling Sinner and Saint for the first time.

Screen shot 2010-08-19 at 1.50.05 PM

Father Charmichael Drake is tormented by his clairvoyant dreams, which in turn drive him to fight crime and the forces of evil. The demon slaying priest and Sister Jordan Merrick (a scantily clad nun) get more than they bargained for when summoned by the Queen Of Hell to bring justice to the Hades dimension. Action filled, twisted, very dark, horrific, bloody, perverted and most of all – a very artistic film revealing the darker sides of filmmakers Melantha Blackthorne and Jason Cavalier.

Sinner and Saint is a really cool action film. Sometime funny, sometime scary, filled out with some nudity, I’m pretty sure that every inde horror fan will love the flick.



A filmmaker told me someday that Anthology film are not a good anymore. It’s kind of weird that in the 80′s and 90′s those kind of film were kind of cool. Tales From the Crypt or Creepshow were really well received by the audience. But now, in 2010, even if people say  DON’T DO IT, some still want to do it. Jim Eaves, Pat Higgins and Alan Ronald are three filmmakers who decide to jump in an anthology project.

6532_114059291946_34225436946_2434869_1405447_nOn the Facebook Page, the movie is describe by the filmmakers as  A unique, sexy and terrifying horror anthology movie brought to you by directors Jim Eaves (‘The Witches Hammer’, ‘Bane’), Pat Higgins (‘KillerKiller’, ‘Hellbride’, ‘TrashHouse’) and Alan Ronald (‘Jesus vs the Messiah’)

I think that anthology film are still cool and people should continue to do some !  a big BRAVO to Jim, Pat and Alan.


Under the Scares at the CineSol film Festival

The DiggerFilms Team is proud to announce that Under the Scares will be screened at the CineSol Film Festival in Harlingen ,Texas in September.

Screen shot 2010-08-18 at 10.56.58 AMCineSol Film Festival is a showcase festival that makes its way across the Rio Grande Valley, celebrating achievement in the art of filmmaking. CineSol is dedicated to furthering the art, craft and business of screenwriters and filmmakers and recognizing their artistic contributions. CineSol supports the work of aspiring and established filmmakers by enhancing public awareness of their artistic endeavors and by encouraging dynamic and long-lasting community alliances.

CineSol made its historic debut in September 1993!

Screen shot 2010-08-18 at 10.48.43 AM

We would like to thank Henry Serrato and the team of the CineSol Film Festival for making Under the Scares an Official Selection. The official line-up of the festival should be announce soon.

Spring Break Massacre

Welcome back to the Gravedigger’s Blog. Really sorry. The blog didn’t run for a while, we were to busy with Under the Scares. So I was asking myself, with which movie should I start this back. Just to remind everyone, that I’m not a critic. I just found some inde films on the web and I them here to promote here because I still think that it’s really important to help the independent filmmakers.

So Spring Break Massacre ! What a nice title. Seems that we will have the chance to see some hot chick in this trailer :P

Spring Break Massacre (2008)Well the poster is really cool ! Three hot chicks and a man with a Knife. ! SBM is directed by Michael Hoffman. I know that name because I post something about is last film ROT: Reunion of Terror a while ago. The film is Starring Reggie Banister and Linnea Quigley.


Rue Morgue Festival of Fear 2010

It come this time of the year where a lot and I mean A LOT of people are starting their trip to Toronto Canada for the Rue Morgue Festival of Fear.  The Schedule for the show is now Online.

Last year, we did make the trip to the show only for 1 day to hang out with a couple of filmmakers friend but this year, we will be there from Thrusday August 26th to Monday August 30th.

For those who are planning to go to the Festival of Fear, here’s some screening suggestions.

First of all, if you saw Adam Green’s HATCHET, you really need to go see is last film FROZEN. The film is schedule on Saturday at 11am in room 206a. Also Saturday (well you will see that Saturday is a rally big day) it seems that room 206b is the place to be. Catch up, at 1pm, SLIME CITY MASSACRE by director Gregory Lamberson starring Debbie Rochon. At 3pm, I will be there to see IF A TREE FALLS (I did miss it at Fantasia…shame on me). Director Philip Carrer and writer/producer Ryan Barrett wil be there to present their film. OH MY, I think I will now have the time to rest because right after, there’s a film I really want to see. I did see the trailer and talk about it here a couple a months ago. LONG PIGS at 5pm again in room 206b !

On Sunday I’ll wake up and go back in room 206b at 12pm because GRAVEYARD PICTURE SHOW will be on the screen. GPS is Seven twisted tales of the undead from some of underground horrors most notorious directors. And it appears that DiggerFilms’s director Steve Villeneuve directed one of the seven tales : NIGHTMARISH ORGASM.  The following film to see is DEAD GENESIS a Canadian zombie flick. And Finally, at 4pm don’t miss Midnight Syndicate Ed Douglas who will be in room 206A for a screening of THE DEAD MATTER. Starring Andrew Divoff, Jim O’Rear and Tom Savini .

So everyone, have fun at the Festival of Fear and don’t forget to go spend some money on independent film in the vendor room !