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NEVERlost need you !

Screen shot 2011-04-08 at 9.13.52 AMA good friend of mine have the opportunity to release is independent flick NEVERlost in some theatre over here in Canada. But, he need a little help to reach this goal !!!

Follow this link to help Black Fawn Film

Are you sure you still want to download movies ?

Did see HOBO WITH A SHOTGUN yet I will for sure go to the theatre to see it

A second place for The Mask of James Henry

Husk director Brett Simmons announced the winners of the Horrobid Slashers Video contest earlier tonight…

3148Five minutes is a challenging time frame to tell a story, and I can tell that everyone put a lot of thought and a lot of work into their entries. I was impressed with the effort put forth in all of these. It was a great and surprising bunch of shorts and they all deserve a nod of “congrats” and “great work”. I know that sounds diplomatic and cheesy, but in this case it’s very true. Trust me. I watch a lot of shorts and did not expect my job here to be so hard. Props all around”….”Here’s my top three with a couple honorable mentions. My judging criteria was simply to see what each entry did with the five minutes they had, and how creatively they incorporated the mask, since it was the point of the whole thing. And they are…




Here’s what Simmons have to say about James Henry and is Mask… : “I love stories and legends like these. This was a totally different take than any of the others and it was really surprising. My favorite script of the bunch. Where the other approaches were definitive slasher, I was impressed by how this one instead created a mythology about the mask. It actually made me question whether I’d ever wear that mask myself, a feeling that lingered on after the short and probably will every time I look at that mask again. A very powerful approach with great quality to it. The only thing preventing it from first place for me was that it was primarily exposition. I otherwise loved this one a lot and was very impressed. But alas, there can only be one first place.”

A BIG congrats to Fanatic cast and crew.

Check out the original article on

To see all the entries check out the post that we did 3 days ago

Convention : Monsterpalooza

Under the Scares @ Motor City Nightmares !

We just learn that Under the Sacres will be screened on Friday April 15th.

Schedule TBA shortly. Our team will be at the show for the screening.

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Check out the Horrorbid MEGA Horror Slashers Contest films !

A couple of week ago, and Rue-Morgue Magazine did along with THE PROP SHOP start a contest. It’s now the time to watch all the produced films.

more infos on the contest….

ORIGINAL POST: 2/15/11 – In a partnership with THE PROP SHOP, the team at HorrorBid has worked countless hours back and forth to make sure we helped craft the greatest new ‘slasher’ horror mask that the world has ever seen. From Michael Myers, Jason Voorhees and Leatherface, the mask of a slasher legend is the crux of what makes the horror genre fun for many of us. When HorrorBid was born nearly 4 years ago we created a logo with our own ‘slasher’ in mind. We gave him shape but it’s time for you to give him life!

Rules were simple :

1st: Order the brand new mask by clicking here. ($39.99) It’s basically an entry fee plus you get a FREE ass kicking mask!

2nd: Create a 30 second to 5 minute horror short including the mask in the video. The short has to be able to be uploaded via YouTube. (If you would like to use our logo, click here for high-res image) 

3rd: Post your video for the world to see (and to enter the contest) by following this link

It is literally that simple! The deadline for video entries are April 1st (this is no fools day for us however) top three videos will be narrowed down with the winner being announced by HUSK director Brett Simmons. And who knows, maybe you’re dreams of millions and millions of rabid horror fans seeing your work will be realized. 

Winning video will also be featured on the front page of HorrorBid and blasted through our countless networks. We are looking for creativity. Any costume or wardrobe will work to combine with the mask. The HorrorBid ‘Slasher’ mask is a blank canvas and this opportunity is for you to wow the horror world with your work. Good luck to you all!

THE MASK OF JAMES HENRY (Directed by : William Dio)




BLOOD BUKKAKE : MONEY SHOT (Directed by : Indy McDaniel)

MIDNIGHT MAN (Directed by : Kyle Stackhouse)

NO ONE IS WATCHING (Directed by : Kent Robert Brickles)

SLASHER’S MOON (Directed by : Brock Lady)

CHARLIE (Directed by : ??? )


SLASHER THE MOVIE (Directed by : Patrick Reit)

THE CURSE OF JOHN CURTIS (Directed by: Joshua Sessoms)

ROCKWOOD (Directed by : ????)

The Mask of James Henry is now ONLINE!

Screen shot 2011-04-01 at 4.56.55 PMThe Mask of James Henry is Diggerfilms’ response to the Mega Horror Slasher Contest organized, Rue Morgue Magazine and The Prop Shop. Inspired by classical short story authors such as Poe, Lovecraft and Wild, it is a very literary take on the slasher movies.