Dead Pussy is now available Online

DiggerFilms have decided to put online the last short film they produced. Dead Pussy won “Best Suspense Movie” at the 20009 Montreal Spasm Film Festival. It also got screened at the Saint-Maxime International Horror Film Festival and Fantasia.

We cast 2 of the top actor here in Quebec. Jean-Nicolas Verreault gave us a terrefic prestation” say director William Dio.  ”Dead Pussy is the third noir genre film that we are doing. After the succes we had with The Hit, we told ourself that we really have to close the circle for a third one.”

“Doing this film was amazing. All the cast was really good and the team was excellent. I wish to everyone to have that kind of a team on every project” says the director of Under the Scares , Steve Villeneuve who produced and act as the first-assistant to Dio on this project.

When we ask them if we will see another genre Noir film from the Duo in a near future, both answer the same thing “Right now all our concentration is on The Mask of James Henry. We also have a Web Series on mind. Maybe After

The film is available in English and in French.


DiggerFilms – Dead Pussy (English Version) (2009)

DiggerFilms – Dead Pussy (French Version) (2009)

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