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Under the Scares @ Fantaspoa.

No Submundo do Horror (Under the Scares) is an Official Selection Fantaspoa. Fantaspoa will take place in Porto Alegre, Brazil from July 1st to the 17th. It is one of the biggest fantastic film festival around the globe. You can see the Documentarios section on the Fantaspoa website.


For more information about Fantaspoa, visit the Official Website, Facebook or Twitter.

Under the Scares @ the Fangoria Film Fest.

DiggerFilms is proud to announced that Under the Scares have just been added to the Fangoria Film Festival that will happen during Days of the Dead in Indianapolis from July 1st to the 3rd. Movie is schedule to be screened at midnight on Friday July 1st.


For more information about Days of the Dead and The Fangoria Film Fest visit the Official website, Facebook or Twitter.

Teaser, trailer and others dead bodies !

Teasers and trailer I saw this week oever the web….

MONSTER BRAWL (Think this one is already a classic)

RAGE HITCH TRAILER (May I see more ????)

SUMMER CAMP MASSACRE (Funny indie flick)

DEADLY XMAS (The seque l of the other one)

AIRBORNE (The song of inception…. REALLY ???)


DiggerFilms announced Decorus Chaos

It’s still a mystery of what will be Decorus Chaos but since June 3rd, it’s possible to see the first teaser of the next DiggerFims projet called Decorus Chaos.

243328_153127048088690_153126411422087_334934_6321078_oThe teaser don’t show a lot. We can hear a women talking while we see the faloulub Ariel Rebell been…..well…watch ti and you will know. Ariel will not be alone in this journey, scream queen Debbie Rochon and Suzi Lorraine are listed along with new sensation Emily Alatalo, which we saw in the terrefic film NEVERlost. Ryan Barrett, who also in NVERlost,  is the only man  listed as a cast member for now.

Decorus Chaos will be Produced, written and directed by Steve Villeneuve and William Dio. Those two gave us a lot of good stuff in the past. Under the Scares, The Mask of James Henry, Dead Pussy to named a few. The duo will team up for the second time with Ariel Rebel and her studio ThinkRebel as the studio will act as Associate Producer on the project. “Earlier this year, we teamed up with Ariel Rebel and her studio ThinkRebel to produce a short horror film. It was created for a contest hosted by the renowned The Mask of James Henry was awarded 2nd place in the contest. We were proud but didn’t expect what happened next: the number of views on Youtube kept going up! Today we are nearing the 20 000 mark which is pretty unexpected for an indie short. Strong from the undeniable success of this film and the newly forged team of DiggerFilms and ThinkRebel, we decide to move forward with our passion project: Decorus Chaos.”

To know more about the series, TO SEE THE TEASER, visit the indiegogo campaign and suport it by sharing it and by helping them. Theres some really good perks available.


Retro Friday : The Tenement

This week I’M going back in 2003 to talk about a film from director Glen Baisley : The Tenement.

Screen shot 2010-03-12 at 12.23.51 AMProduced by Light And Dark Productions, this inde horror flick was release in 2003 by Brain Damage Films in the US and Worldwide from Maxim Media International. The Tenement was Glen Baisley  3rd film and it was starring Michael Gingold and Suzi Lorraine.  In 2004, Baisley directed Sins of the Father. He is now in post-production for is new feature film called : Fairview Falls.

Check out the Light and Dark official website or the Glen Baisley IMDB page.

There is something evil about The Tenement. It does something strange to the people who live there. Ethan Fernier is obsessed with the horror movies of B-movie director, Winston Korman. His destiny lies in the shadows of a black rose – the symbol of decayed innocence. Sarah, a simple mute, lives her life listening to the radio but obsessed neighbor, Henry Wallace has other plans for her. Jimmy Wayne Garrick is bitten by a wild animal and becomes obsessed with the idea that he is becoming a werewolf. The Taxi Driver is a serial killer who picks up innocent women. One of his victims gives him more than he bargained for.

Digger Wednesday : The Hit

After the Retro Friday, I decided to add something during the week for you all. I always provided you with simple link on independent horror project. Yes I do add the trailer of the films but it’s kinda of nice to actually watch something and be entertain !
Screen shot 2010-03-09 at 10.43.56 PMSo, from now, every Wednesday, I will add something on the DiggerFilms Youtube channel so you can enjoy some short films, making-of or trailers.

For the first week, I decided to start with a short film that we did in 2007. The Hit (2007) is the second of a trilogy “noir” film that DiggerFilms produced along with Logruss Productions. The Hit won THE PUBLIC CHOICE award at the Montreal Spasm film festival, The BEST KILLING at the Quebec city Vitesse Lumière film festival and also won BEST DIRECTING at the Montreal Spasm a la ronde festival. I hope you will like it.

Visit the DiggerFilms Channel, the DiggerFilms facebook, MySpace or Twitter.

See Dead Pussy on a screen this week-end !

The latest short film from DiggerFilms will be screen not one but two time this Saturday in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Screen shot 2010-02-24 at 2.41.44 PM


The film will be screen at 5h17 at the cinémathèque Québécoise in the Claude Jutra Theatre. The film is in competition for 2 prices : Coop Video & Innovation ONF.

For more info check out the Dead Pussy webpage.


It will also be screen at La Nuit Spasm at 10h30pm at the Café Cléopatra. Unfortunately, the movie is not in competition. But it will be a hell of a night. Doors open at 8pm. Show start at 9pm and close at 3am.


Under the Scares 10th and last teaser now online

Well it’s now time for you to check out the 10th and last teaser of Under the Scares.

Screen shot 2010-02-03 at 5.14.10 PMThe documentary is schedule to be ready for the end of March 2010. We are now working really hard to do a premiere somewhere in the United States. NYC ? maybe :P

Until then, you can go on Facebook and join the DiggerFilms Group.

If your not my friend on the site please send me a request.

Under the Scares is a documentary that we are doing on the independent horror business. We went to New York, Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Los Angeles, Chicago, Toronto, Montreal to film people such as Lloyd Kaufman, Robert Kurtzman, Tony Timpone, Rodrigo Gudino, Debbie Rochon, Courtney Solomon, Herschel Gordon Lewis, Gary Jones, Brinke Stevens, Maurice Devereaux, Sv Bell and many more.

Visit the Under the Scares Website.

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Dead Pussy is #4th and other news….

It’s good to have you back here for 2010 ! Again,just to remind you,  the goal of the blog is to show you some independent horror stuff each day. I try to help the young filmmakers with their horror flick. Also am not the kind of guy who will really give a bad opinion on certain trailer, or poster or whatever….. I think that inde horror flick can be love/hate depending of the public who watching them.

What’s new ?

Well in 2010, we will also try to do some thing different. Each friday will be a RETRO Friday ! Why only showing the new film ? Old flick are still fun to watch !In February, Profile Wednesday will see the day. Each Wednesday we will expose an actress, a director, a company, a review website, a convention ect….

Diggernews ?

Screen shot 2010-01-04 at 1.08.57 PMOur latest short film Dead Pussy was placed in the top 5 best genre film in Quebec, Canada this year by Sinistre Blogzine. Sinistre Blogzine is the best Blog on the business in Quebec. You can go and read the article (french)

Also, Under the Scares is getting alone really good. Can’t say right now when the premiere will be but it will be around March.

Dead Pussy at Killer 63 year IV

Last year, we had the chance to present The Hit, the Dinner, The Last Day and Getting Even at the 3rd edition of Killer 63. For the fourth edition, Killer 63 decided to screen our latest short film Dead Pussy.

Killer 63 is a One Night festival that happen one time a year at the Mayfair Theatre in Ottawa Canada.. This year it will possible to see 16 projects from 11 filmmakers. Ranging from under 60 seconds in length to a whopping 22 minutes! Featuring local Ottawa talent, & shorts from the far off lands of Calgary and Montreal! Vampires, Zombies, …

Show starts at 9h15pm tonight at the Mayfair Theatre. 1074 Bank Street, Ottawa, Canada

For more information about the Mayfair Theatre visit the Website.

Built in 1932 in the depths of the Great Depression, the Mayfair Theatre is one of Ottawa’s last two neighborhood cinemas, and one of the oldest surviving independent movie houses in all of Canada. It has the distinction of never having been owned by, or affiliated with, any of the major cinema chains. (more info…..)