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Retro Friday : The Tenement

This week I’M going back in 2003 to talk about a film from director Glen Baisley : The Tenement.

Screen shot 2010-03-12 at 12.23.51 AMProduced by Light And Dark Productions, this inde horror flick was release in 2003 by Brain Damage Films in the US and Worldwide from Maxim Media International. The Tenement was Glen Baisley  3rd film and it was starring Michael Gingold and Suzi Lorraine.  In 2004, Baisley directed Sins of the Father. He is now in post-production for is new feature film called : Fairview Falls.

Check out the Light and Dark official website or the Glen Baisley IMDB page.

There is something evil about The Tenement. It does something strange to the people who live there. Ethan Fernier is obsessed with the horror movies of B-movie director, Winston Korman. His destiny lies in the shadows of a black rose – the symbol of decayed innocence. Sarah, a simple mute, lives her life listening to the radio but obsessed neighbor, Henry Wallace has other plans for her. Jimmy Wayne Garrick is bitten by a wild animal and becomes obsessed with the idea that he is becoming a werewolf. The Taxi Driver is a serial killer who picks up innocent women. One of his victims gives him more than he bargained for.