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Short Films

DiggerFilms - A Quiet Moment

A Quiet Moment is a short film presented by Digger Films and directed by Martin Bruyère & Steve Villeneuve.

WINNER : Best Thriller - Liberty Massacre III
Festival, BLOOD IN THE SNOW FILM FESTIVAL, TROMA DANCE Detroit, REQUIEM Fear Fest, POST Mortem, UNRESTRICTED VIEW Horror Film Festival, YES! Let's Make a Movie Film Festival, OTTAWA Spookshow and Fantastic Film Festival, NORTHEN Frights Festival, LONDON Monthly Film Festival, HALLOWEENPALOOZA, UPSTATE NY Horror Film Festival, FRISSONS du Nord,

Plot Outline
A mother learns that, even on a quiet night, parenthood can be full of dark surprises

Kate Drummond & Bret Kelly

Directed By
Martin Bruyère & Steve Villeneuve

Written By
Tatjana Mahdi

Screenplay By
Tatjana Mahdi

Produced By
Steve Villeneuve & Martin Bruyère
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